What do you know about Green Tea?

A product of Camellia siunensis leaves green tea is a a tea originated in China. Generally of three types green tea are found in three forms mainly the infused type, dry type and the liquid type. The infused type are generally more greener that the rest two types.       Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest… Read more »

What is exactly green tea?

Slightly bitter on the tongue and pale in colour green tea is made from unfermented leaves and in generally produced in Japan and China. There are many on-line websites that allow the purchasing of green teas.  Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Green tea- The new superfood?

Known for increasing brain function, reducing the risk of cancer and losing weight, green tea is considered as the new super food that is gripping the nation in the health and fitness sector. Particularly effective when consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, green tea is particularly advantageous for building your system.  Facebook Twitter… Read more »

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