Coffee? Me? Obviously!

I an a total coffee addict. Stress killer, warm, tasty…..and all that, coffee is a must for me. I have no idea how many cups of coffee I drink in a day with all that paperwork I have to deal at the office. Anyone like me? Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn


I have a particular urge to drink coffee and actually taste what it feels like. I am prohibited to drink coffee because I consume homoeopathic treatment that does not work when coffee or onions are consumed.  Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Anyone a coffee addict!

I love to drink coffee. At the office I simply keep drinking coffee throughout the day. I don’t know why but it helps me to concentrate better on my work. Being the manager of the company I have to keep on my toes from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening, and coffee is… Read more »

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