How long since Green tea?

It has been more than six months since I started drinking green tea. The results have been slow initially but looking back at my old photos I am better now. With more than 30 pounds lost, I feel more fit, cool and healthy.  Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Consuming greens since a kid!

Yuck! I hated greens when I was a kid. Just wanted chocolates, wafers, burgers and all the junk food. But NO! My parents never allowed they made me consume greens since I was a kid and I continue to do so even after marriage. Anyone had a past like mine?:) Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Going green!

So yeah I have decided to go green. And I tell you, I am not particularly keen towards it. The reason is that the doctor has told me to include more green vegetables in my life. I have very weak eyesight and I just hate my glasses. So now wonder… green is a must! Facebook… Read more »

Anyone a pure vegetarian?

I am not particular a green enthusiast. But yes I consume greens now and then. It is quite essential to have greens and make it an important part of your diet. But greens everyday, I wonder how vegetarians cope up with it! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

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