Tea Addict?

I don’t know whether ?I am an addict or not but I will tell you my tea craze and you decide for yourself. I need tea in the morning (two cups)  then in the evening with a couple of biscuits and then before dinner. Am I an addict?:)   Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Tea Ritual

I don’t know if it if particularly effective or not, but I rinse my mouth with green tea in the morning before brushing. Then I wash my face with the same green tea brewed first thing in the morning. Then after brushing I drink one cup of tea and once in the evening.  Facebook Twitter… Read more »

Tea Tradition

I generally take coffee when at work while at home I drink green tea. Good for health as they say, I make sure that I at least drink green tea twice a day. Not too much but just perfect! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

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